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Life Coaching Testimonials 

My clients words......

Ross-On Wye

"Cathy has made a significant difference to my life, working with her at a point in my life when I found myself facing personal and professional challenges, her insightful coaching empowered me to recognize my strengths, embrace my uniqueness, and confidently pursue my goals.

Through her sessions, I gained a deeper understanding of what I wanted and learned some great strategies to overcome the things that were blocking me.  Her support and encouragement helped me break through self-imposed barriers, fostering a newfound sense of self-assurance.


Cathy is not just a coach, but a mentor who passionately advocates for women's growth and success. Her empathy and expertise make her an exceptional guide for anyone seeking to unlock their potential and thrive. I'm incredibly grateful for her guidance and wholeheartedly recommend her services to any woman ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment."

Samantha, Winchester

"Cathy is a fantastic life coach.  Her gentle and caring, and creative style and support has helped me change my attitude and make some big decisions.  I would not have believed that I was capable of such positive change before I started my sessions with Cathy.  She has helped me manage my anxiety, learn about self-care, and to find a new role in my work.  I can’t recommend her highly enough."

Katy, Bury St Edmunds

"Through a combination of wisdom, humour and untold patience, Cathy guided me through the coaching sessions.  With the work on values, she helped me build a foundation for future choices and balance the different aspects of my life.  I was a people pleaser and didn’t know it, and by setting up boundaries, and respecting my needs, I was able to live a much more fulfilling life. A challenging but incredibly rewarding process.  Cathy is brilliant and very experienced."

Anita, London

"Words cannot express how much Cathy helped me, she was my life coach and a mentor to me in both my personal and work life.  I worked with Cathy to help me balance my work/life issues. We covered stress/anxiety, prioritisation, improved time management, better communication and more self-honesty overall improving my quality of life in both areas.  It’s easy to relax and be honest with Cathy and you see real outcomes which you can apply to your daily life.  Cathy sets actions that need to be in place between sessions, therefore helping me more forward quickly.  Cathy is the best coach I have ever had."

Emma, London

"Cathy has a huge amount of knowledge around addictive behaviour.  I was behaving addictively around drink and drugs and shopping and relationships.   I was recommended to Cathy by a friend who needed some help in this area. Cathy was incredible at helping me understand that addiction is an illness and putting in solutions to stop the behaviour and to start finding some self-esteem and self-respect.  I am making much healthier choices now, thanks to Cathy and her brilliant coaching sessions”.

Lucy, Maidstone

"I lacked so much inner confidence. On the outside I didn't show this, and so I always felt like a fraud.  This was the case in both my personal life and also in the work place.  The stress of stopping anyone finding out what I really felt became too much. Cathy was recommended to me, and in just a few short sessions, I quickly came to realise what I needed to do to stop this horrible behavoiur. I became authentic, able to say when I couldn't do something, ask for help when I needed to and overall integrate both sides of me into one that I was proud of. Thanks Cathy."


“Cathy helped me quickly identify what was causing me so much unhappiness. It was very simple; I just hadn’t been able to work it out myself.  Within 6 sessions, I had complete clarity and knew what I needed to do moving forward.  I would recommend Cathy, her style and easy to connect approach is highly recommended”.

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