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Business Coaching Testimonials 

My clients words....

Eleanor Manuel, Head of People and Culture, The Kite Factory

"Cathy is always a pleasure to work with, her positive energy is infectious, and she always offers an empowering perspective to instil a sense of confidence in the people she speaks to. Cathy hosted some new manager training for us, and every person said that she was excellent and someone they would like to work with again - she made the session fun, engaging and informative. Whilst designing the training, Cathy was open to feedback and incorporated any suggested changes.

We were lucky enough to have Cathy attend our 'Female Flyers' event as a guest speaker, she filled the room with engaging stories and confidence as she spoke about all the things she's learned over the years. She has also worked with some of our Senior Leadership team on a 1-2-1 coaching basis helping them to break down any problems they have whilst offering an improved way of thinking.

Overall, Cathy is a wonderful person to work with and she is always one of the first people I go to with any questions or training."

Verity Brown, Managing Director, The Specialist Works

"I’ve always been impressed by Cathy and her ability to engage those around her and drive meaningful impact in the businesses she works with.   I received Cathy’s coaching when I was a mid-level manager keen to progress. Cathy’s support was a game changer, enabling me to focus on what was important and work on skills that unlocked my next level of progression “

Catherine Becker, CEO, VCCP Media

"Cathy is an amazing asset to any business. She is highly knowledgeable, fast moving, and able to complete complex tasks with humour and ease. She has set up a coaching programme for us with fantastic feedback from all the team. Her training has already delivered tangible benefits and improvements to the company. She is patient, thorough and highly engaging and would recommend her for any coaching or training.”

Sarah Jenkins, Managing Partner, Grey London

"We love working with Cathy McPherson she is an absolute tour de force. Organised, efficient and turbo charged, she gets the most out of the days and the best out of the candidates. Her agency and client background delivers immediate credibility and endless 'real world’ reference points. Her strong training principles keeps everyone focused, energised and, critically, ensures learning gets applied way after everyone’s left the training room.”

Lisa Hutt CMO, Salesforce

"If you are looking to turn vision into reality Cathy will make it happen. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Cathy and would recommend you save her a spot at the boardroom table.”

Toni Robinson-Bowring -Commercial Director Twenty7Tec

"Super professional, commercially astute, driven and someone who gets the best performance out of individuals. Charismatic, she is also brilliant at getting people on board, and is a change agent, and highly respected as a coach and trainer."

Leah Morgan, Marketing Director 23andme

"Friendly, open, sensitive, and honest. I really enjoyed working with Cathy. Her approachable personality and wisdom, really helped me settle into my role in a new country.  She is quick to see what needs doing to make positive changes, and is an action person, and provides support and motivation to make them happen.  Her experience shines through." 

Gabby, Head of Digital, TKF

"Cathy has a gravitas that makes leaders take note. Her infectious attitude and energy complement her work ethic and desire to get the best out of individuals and teams.  Commercially minded and a strong business leader she provides heaps of experience which she openly shares.  A real inspiration to work with."

Simi, Account Director

"My time with Cathy was incredibly valuable in both a group and one on one setting. Cathy is a great listener; she takes the time to assess you as an individual and understand what specific areas you would benefit from having coaching in. As Cathy has a wealth of experience from her own career path, she really does offer insight and guidance that is built on solid experience and knowledge yet remains objective. Cathy helped me to take a step back and assess things from a wider view, which encouraged me to find solutions and clarity on some of the areas I needed it in."

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