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Management & Leadership

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Inspire and Ignite Future Leaders

Pinnacle is a tried and tested one day, unisex workshop that is delivered to all stages of management and senior leadership teams.

  • Each workshop has the same basic framework, but is bespoke to the organisation’s values and objectives, so everyone on the Management/Leadership team are singing off the same hymn sheet.

  • Pinnacle is unique in it includes a lot or role play and live scenario training.  This has proven to be the most effective way to build confidence and effect improvement. 

  • The outcome of this training results in performance excellence which leads to a more profitable business, staff retention, and attraction to recruit the best people in the industry, along with delivering a superb standard of management within your organisation.  It’s an investment that will pay dividends for years to come.

Some examples of the workshop include:

  • Identifying the right management / leadership skills

  • Building a top performing team

  • Deepening emotional intelligence skills ie better communication, listening and feedback tools

  • Understanding personality types

  • Time Management

  • Delegating effectively and consistently

  • Setting goals and setting your staff up for success

  • Conflict management – different personality styles

Please get in touch to find out costs and to discuss your needs further.

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